Soothing Harmonie Ball Pendants

Harmonie-Collections-Harmony-Bell-Necklace-Silver-Chime-Filagee-RoundIf you, or someone you know, are the type to notice the little things and appreciate those shiny, blissful moments, you will need to have a closer look at the gorgeous Harmonie Necklaces MooWoo has in stock right now. Likewise, if you are a mother to be, or looking for the perfect shower gift for an expecting mother, look no further!

Gentle curves

The harmony balls are perfectly pieced together with a stainless steel base, then plated in either rose or silver gold. The shiny spheres are completely nickel and lead-free. The jewellery is safe and beautiful for any occasion and the bell is said to soothe the wearer, as well as their unborn children.

Melody of movement

The audible beauty of the harmony ball necklaces is what really sets them apart. For anyone combating stress, they will find the music relaxing. The soft tinkle produced by the gently swinging bell is also enjoyable for babies in utero. To be ideal for wearing at baby-bump height, we also have two different chain lengths available. Choose from either a regular 76 cm chain or a maternity 100 cm chain, both with a smooth promise of magical music to come.

Good things come in all sizes

As well as being able to pick the colour and chain length best suited for you, the harmony balls come in different sizes. Some women have a preference for a certain size of jewellery, whereas others like to have a range of each on hand for different occasions. Whether you choose a large Harmonie necklace as a statement piece or a small one for a tiny pop of polish, the harmony balls bring their enchanting chime sound just the same.

Fancy That!

Continuing to move in the beautiful world of elegant pleasures, we are thrilled to also be able to introduce the Harmonie Ball silver filigree heart and tree of life designs currently available at MooWoo. These are next level fantastic, seemingly made by elves, and worn by royalty.

Looking for magical musical jewellery, look no further than these beautiful Harmonie necklaces. See the stunning full range here.