Summer Necessity – The Helmet Hat


Have you ever been in a situation when your child just refuses to ride their bike because they don’t want to wear a helmet? It’s too dangerous to let them go without one and if you don’t, they will not go riding at all. It is even worse when they start cycling and they get back to you with sunburnt faces and necks. That’s not only painful, but also extremely dangerous for their skin. At MooWoo, we understand all your concerns and we can offer a solution – The Helmet Hat!

The Helmet Hat is one of our best summer products as it has multiple functions. To start with, it makes your child’s helmet look great – something that will encourage the little cyclist to wear them more often. The five different models on offer can match anyone’s preferences. For the boys we have a colourful Racer’s Hat and an Action Hat in turquoise.  And for the girls, a Summer Treats Hat in purple, as well as a cute Buzzy Bee and Ladybug style design.


Apart from transforming your child’s helmet in a great hat of their choice, the Helmet Hats are really important as skin protection. They are endorsed by the Australian Cancer Council because of their amazing UPF50+ sun protection rating. The hats meet the Sunsmart Guidelines and are perfect for protecting your kid’s face, eyes, ears and back of neck. This means you no longer need to worry about your child’s skin being exposed during the hot summer days – the Helmet Hat will take perfect care of it.

In addition to the child-friendly design and the high level of sun protection, the Helmet Hats are really easy to use. They are all produced in one universal size that fits all helmets. It can stay on the helmet – no need to constantly pull it on and off. The hats are elastic in order to make it easier for them to fit on your child’s helmet. If the helmet has a visor, just remove it before putting the hat on.

In a nutshell, the Helmet Hat is the best way to keep your kids safe during the summer. They will look great with their helmets on and they will really enjoy being an action character or a ladybug, so you don’t have to worry about them falling and hurting themselves. The UPF50+ sun protection factor will make sure their skin remains free of sunburn and they are not threatened by heat stroke. And, finally, the easy-to-use design will save your efforts of having to put the hat on and take it off for washing. You can even get your kids two or three and they will be able to change them on their own every time they go for a ride. Obviously, the Helmet Hat is one of the must-have summer necessities, so don’t wait too long – order one for your kid now.