The Adventures Of The Kimberley Tooth Fairy

tooth_fairy_snow_owl-357x357She was hot and tired, and her wings were slippery with dampness from the humid air.  Those were signs that she’d had a very, very good day and had dropped off lots of money in exchange for those little white teeth.

The Kimberley Tooth Fairy loved her job.  She spent her nights flying around the beautiful beaches and rugged inland of the Kimberley Ranges, collecting toothy treasures to add to her collection.

Today, though, had been a wild and adventurous flight.  She had been out to a campsite near the river to collect a first tooth.  First teeth were very special so she had been very excited to be chosen for pick up.

The only problem was that she’d had to be there before sundown so that she could follow the shiny river until she found the campsite.  That meant that she had to wear her dragonfly disguise so she wouldn’t be recognised if anyone saw her.

Have you ever looked closely at a dragonfly?  They don’t have arms.

When the tooth fairy arrived at the camp site, she found the tooth packed safely into a snow owl shaped tooth fairy pillow pal.  Now what was she going to do?  The little tooth was tucked safely and firmly into the soft pouch across the snow owl’s fluffy tummy, but her dragon fly costume covered up her arms.

Quickly she tiptoed behind the soft grey owl and unzipped her costume from the inside.  It was so much cooler without the silvery covering against her skin!

Once her arms were free she slipped her hand into the soft, firm pouch and pulled out the little tooth.  It was perfect!  She replaced it with a shiny gold coin before she zipped her dragon fly costume on again.

Her mission was complete and it was time to fly home.

As she left of the tent she saw the shape of a boab tree in front of her and realised that the moon was out.  That made her very happy because she could fly home along the river again, lit by the rays of the moon.

Her dragonfly wings were shiny and sparkly as she fluttered them, preparing for the long flight home. 

“What a great day”, the Kimberley Tooth Fairy thought to herself as she lifted off on the gentle breeze which carried her home.  “And there is more to do, tomorrow.”

Next time you see a dragonfly, be very careful of it.  It could be a tooth fairy in disguise, coming to collect a toothy treasure nearby.