The Benefits of Bamboo

aden_and_anais_bamboo_swaddles_pyara-357x357Babies born today are perhaps more pampered than at any other time in human history. We live in a truly global era, and our lucky children are in a position to benefit from the best the planet has to offer. It is likely, if you are reading this, that as a child you did not use bamboo products a great deal. But in the last decade especially, bamboo fabric has entered the global market. The Aden and Anais bamboo baby products available at MooWoo are evidence of the beauty, softness and durability the material offers.

Aden and Anais Bamboo Swaddles come in several styles, featuring a gorgeous range of prints that parents will love spoiling their babies with. The Milky Way and Celebration feature bold stars, Mela, Diwali and Pyara feature patterns derived from the rich Indian culture, and Tranquility features geometric designs and a solid colour, either soft blue or light pink. All of the baby swaddles are a generous size suitable for use as a tummy time blanket, a pram or breastfeeding cover and get softer with every wash.

There are also cot sheets, blankets and change pad covers available in the Aden and Anais bamboo range. Like the swaddles, they are high quality, luxurious products which¬†offer the perfect combination of snuggliness and breathability. Parents love to use them because they feel so great, and their baby’s comfort and enjoyment is evident too.

The birth of a baby is the beginning of a life adventure that is fun and exciting, and products like Aden & Anais help make the transition to parenthood as smooth as possible.