The Connection Between Jigsaw Puzzles and Early Child Development

jigsaw puzzles, MooWooWe love puzzles as you can tell from our extensive collection, but not just because they are fun. Jigsaw puzzles provide many benefits and help develop skills in children, especially in the early child developmental stages.

Cognitive Skills

Children develop their cognitive skills as they naturally set out to solve the puzzle. You can almost see their brain at work as they sit down and try to work out what pieces go where. Through shape recognition, problem-solving situations like this can aid the child immensely. This type of exercise also allows your child to gain a better understanding of the world around them.

Emotional Skills

Patience can be a hard skill to teach, but puzzles manage to do that in spades. And of course, kids learn the value of patience as their hard work is rewarded when they complete the puzzle. They also begin to understand the simple art of goal setting as they strategise their moves to solve the puzzle as a whole.

Physical Skills

Don’t overestimate the physical skills that are taught by simply holding the puzzle pieces and adjusting them until they fit. Your child will develop their hand-eye coordination as well as fine-tune their gross motor skills (large movements) and fine motor skills (smaller more precise movements). This can benefit them in many areas including handwriting and drawing.

So what kinds of jigsaw puzzles do we have on offer to help your child develop these skills?

On The Road 12 Piece Puzzle: With extra-thick pieces for small hands, this busy traffic puzzle is great as a beginner option for children 2 and up.

Alphabet and Numbers Puzzle Pairs: Great for emergent readers and those learning numbers, this beautiful puzzle is both enjoyable and practical.

Wooden Dinosaur Alphabet Puzzle: 2 puzzles in 1, this eco-friendly Stegosaurus puzzle teaches both lower case and upper case learning development.

Farm Babies: This large format puzzle is great for little minds. Kids start with the three-piece mother and baby puzzles and progress to the six-piece puzzles.

Unicorn Glow in the Dark Puzzle: The adorable 100-piece unicorn glow in the dark puzzle is suitable for kids 5 and up.

For these exciting puzzles and more, browse the puzzle section of the MooWoo online store. Our stock changes regularly so keep an eye out for new additions from such quality brands as Mudpuppy, Eeboo, Petite Collage, New York Puzzle Company and Pomegranate.