The Day Socks Became Cool

vs-stuff-dolphin-vs-fish-kids-socks1Socks are tricky little creatures. They hide in corners, under beds and at the bottom of hampers. They get lost at swimming lessons and like to wander off by themselves a lot, often right before school. When found, they are sometimes tucked in a ball of questionable cleanliness, and thus given another chance to escape through the washing machine or dryer. When a family, with people of various sizes, try to organise their socks in one streamlined system, pairing them gets even more complicated. Really, it can be so much work, if shoes with no socks didn’t get so stinky so fast, we might do away with them altogether.

But then we would miss out on all this fun! Something unbelievable has just happened in the world of socks, and MooWoo is super excited to share the joy! Vs. Socks has solved the problems of sock boredom and pairing nightmares by creating an awesome range of funny sock creatures. The aim here is no longer to wear matching socks at all, but to wear a pair that will battle it out all day. No longer simple footwear, socks are now friends to children’s imaginations, and the coolest accessories in the closet.

Dinosaurs, big cats, ocean dwellers, and the classic domestic enemies, dog vs cat, Vs. Socks come in a variety of colourful designs that will appeal to everyone. They have silicone grips on the bottoms for shoes-off play, and will fit kids aged 4 to 8. The pairs make awesome everyday wear, as well as brilliant gifts. As well as being endlessly entertaining, a big bonus is these fiercely cool socks don’t have to be with their pair to have an exciting battle. If they get mixed up, they just fight someone else for a day! En garde!