The Keep Cup

keepcup-giver-357x357If you’ve ever had coffee to go, you probably carried your beverage away in a common Styrofoam cup. Used by millions of businesses and households around the world, cups made from Styrofoam make it fast and easy to take away your favorite beverage. Despite their ease of use, there are hidden dangers associated with using disposable Styrofoam cups – mainly, there are simply too many of them! In America alone, 25 billion additional Styrofoam cups are added to landfills each year – where each cup will take thousands of years to decompose!

In addition to filling up our landfills, disposable Styrofoam cups often have harsh and toxic chemicals that leach out of the cup and into our beverages. The good news is that there is a solution to the hassle and waste created by using traditional Styrofoam cups – Keep Cups! Now the eco-friendly, reusable Keep Cup is available at MooWoo!

Keep Cups use a special manufacturing process that ensures their cups are free of BPA and other dangerous chemicals, so nothing harmful seeps out of them and into your beverage. These cups are engineered to withstand over 1,500 reuses, so that you can use them for refills at your favorite cafe and at home, for many years. Each Keep Cup is also safe to use in both your dishwasher and microwave for added convenience. Available in four sizes and a variety of vivid colors, Keep Cups are lightweight, easy to carry, splashproof, and will fit in the cup holders of most cars and bicycles.

Keep Cups use the barista standard in their design, so that they will fit comfortably beneath the group handles of the majority of coffee espresso machines found around the world. Now, you can feel good about helping to save the environment by reducing landfill waste while you enjoy your coffee on the go! Just take your Keep Cups with you to your favorite coffee bar or restaurant, and the barista will create the perfect blend of java right in your Keep Cup! The Keep Cups’ design helps the barista to add just the right amount of milk, and the cream will remain undisturbed until you are ready to enjoy it! Keep Cups also keep your coffee warm an additional 20 to 30 minutes longer than Styrofoam!

In addition to helping reduce waste, and making it easy to customise your coffee, the ergonomic band around the middle of each cup makes it easy to grasp and maintain your grip on your Keep Cup, where you can sip your coffee with or without the lid.

Each cup in the range also features three brilliant and coordinating colors so that you can do your part to save the environment while enjoying your best cup of coffee in style! From the Keep Cup Giver model that features tones of aqua blue, baby pink and bright fuchsia, to the Keep Cup Giver style with more subdued shades of chocolate brown, bamboo green and neutral gray, there is an attractive color combination for every taste!

Keep Cups have numerous features and benefits, and yet they remain very affordable. Each cup ranges in price from just $12.95 to $16.95.

Are you ready to be part of the solution? Check out our full product range of Keep Cups today, and choose from over 10 popular designs of the cup in stock now!