The Right Shoes For Baby

blue-soccer__10106_zoom-207x207When shopping for children’s shoes, there seem to be hundreds of different options. They are generally styled to look like mini-adult shoes; they can be the traditional white hard shoes, they can jingle, or they can squeak. But for little feet learning to pull-up, crawl, and walk, the shoes with soft bottoms are best.

When a child is first learning to walk, the gait is quite unstable and a soft shoe is perfect at this stage of development. When shopping for the perfect shoes, it is important for the upper-portion of the shoe to be made from soft-flexible material for ease of movement.

A good shoe needs to offer lots of space in the toe area and as children learn to walk, the extra space is perfect for stretching and spreading out the feet for balancing. The shoe also needs to be extremely light so the child can focus on the skill at hand instead of the weight of the shoe.

softies-leather-baby-toddler-shoes-pink-ladybug-207x207The MooWoo Soft Sole Shoe meets all the recommendations for the perfect shoe, for infants all the way through to the toddler age. They are made of suede and leather which breathe well and gently grip the ankle, which makes the shoe easy to get on and off as well as the all-important task of actually staying on. They offer plenty of space around the toe area so children are able to feel the ground with their feet. The curved edges prevent tripping and the lack of laces keeps parents free from constantly re-tying all day long. The children will love the velcro and will probably be found opening and closing the strap multiple times a day, as the noise and texture are quite appealing to little hands.

MooWoo offers 10 different styles at last count, which are sure to please any mother. They would be a perfect gift for a new parent and the child will immediately be pleased with the way the shoe feels on the feet. Parents might like them so much that they decide to purchase more than one for different outfits or to have one for home and one for going out. As children grow and start to walk and run faster, a more sturdy shoe is imperative. However when children are learning to walk, the softer, padded shoes are the perfect choice.