Tickle Monster Mitts

Tickle Monster GloveLittle kids love to giggle. Little kids love to be tickled. And little kids love to be a little bit scared.

Aware of how little they are, they love to feel safe with their caregivers, but also like excitement and chances to be brave. When faced with the Tickle Monster, they are excited by the chance of danger, thrilled by the attention, and happily reassured by how harmless and fun the monster turns out to be. Tickle Monster Mitts bring to life fuzzy monster hands, and kids will enjoy being carried away into a land of funny monsters with the promise of tickles and giggles.

The mitts are made similar to gloves, and comfortably cover the hand while leaving the fingertips free to  turn the pages of The Tickle Monster Book from the same line of products, or most importantly, to tickle! Interactive play with adults is very important to kids, and they love getting lots of attention, including hugs and tickles.

This physical play is so much fun for kids. Most adults are familiar with the catch cry, “Do it again!!”, followed by a pile of giggles and squeals when they comply by replaying the humour for their appreciative audience.

Tickle Monster Mitts add a layer of fuzzy blue softness that makes tickle sessions even more fun. Your kids will see the gloves coming and understand there is an invitation to be rowdy and a bit silly. They will relish the suspense and the action of a tickle attack, while having so much fun they will make memories for life. And if you think that the fun will wear off, just wait till they get hold of the mitt and start to tickle you!