Top Christmas Picks For Boys

Seedling-Pirate-Skeleton-Excavation-Kit-357x357Boys, it is said, love their toys, and there is nothing like a good toy to put a smile on your boy’s face on Christmas morning.

Give him a fleet of construction vehicles, including an excavator, cement mixer, and front end loader, team them with a toddler’s imagination and see what world your little one can create. These gorgeous, wooden trucks will keep a little boy’s imagination on the go, and keep him focussed and playing for hours on end.

Satisfy their insatiable curiosity of all things interesting with a Pirate Skeleton Excavation Kit, or encourage them to learn more about the world around them and explore the Lifestyle of a Frog.

Perhaps an insect, scorpion or spider, trapped in a slime made of amber will appeal to them, and the Timmy Junior Flying Bird is sure to entertain while having them burn off some energy as they chase the bird whilst it glides through the air.

Piccolo-Colouring-Set_Cars-and-Trucks_front-357x357For a little bit of quiet time after a busy day of building and playing, you can continue with the gift of creativity with a Piccolo colouring set, filled with all boys’ favourite things. A Magna Carry Pirate Adventure tin, or Pirate Observation Puzzle will also help to give their little bodies a rest, whilst keeping their mind active and stimulated.

Boys also like a bit of practicality in their lives and a Motor Cross 3D watch will not only appeal to their tastes, it will also help them to learn to tell the time, and keep them running on time.

Even more essential is somewhere safe to keep their collections of all sorts of things; from toys to tokens, from leaves and gumnuts, to grasshoppers and cicadas, as well as all manner of items they have drawn, painted and created. A Bobble Art dinosaur backpack is perfect for storing such items. It is also ideal for the boy about to enter pre-school or primary school.

Wall decals are another great gift idea for boys this Christmas and the Outta Space decals will allow them to transform their bedroom or play space into the place of their dreams.

Be it noisy, creepy, crawly or used for construction or destruction, these top picks for Christmas will be sure to inspire your boys this festive season.