Top Christmas Picks For Teenagers

Sakroots_Tablet-Crossbody_White-Peace-357x357If you have a teenager at home, you don’t need much more to have a complicated Christmas. What you need is a delayed or inappropriate gift to send them in a rage, a tantrum of dissatisfaction or a small depression. Even if your teenagers are not too bothered with Christmas gifts, you would still want to perform well and live up to their expectations. We at MooWoo understand that only too well and that’s why we decided to offer you a few carefully selected gifts that will make sure your teenagers are happy and your Christmas is seamless. Here they are!

To start with, a great Christmas gift for all teenagers out there would be one of our Hammamas Towels, currently available in 7 colours: Spearmint, Iris, Watermelon, Lilac, Stone, Flame and Aqua. The Hammamas Towels are one of the most practical towels in the world as they can be used for almost everything: as beach towels (which may be perceived as a promise to actually use them at the beach next summer!), ordinary bath towels which absorb water as fast as normal towels and dry even more quickly, as picnic rugs, throw overs and even as a part of a carnival costume (if your teens are keen on attending such events!). The Hammamas are hand weaved from pure Turkish cotton meaning that the gift you give will be of highest quality and with a long usage life.

Another great option for a Christmas present for your teens is one of our Sakroots Artistic Circle Mini Crossbody bags available in the amazing White Peace style. It is great for teenagers with various hobbies, including music, art, outdoor activities, crafts, etc. The Sakroots Crossbody bags are really convenient and have many pockets and zippers that will help even the most easily distracted teen organise their stuff and not forget or lose anything. This is certainly one of the best Christmas gifts you can come up with as it is both really practical and attractive, and will allow its new carrier to actively express their personality.

pandaOne of the newest items at MooWoo is another great Christmas Gift opportunity for teenagers – the Seedling Hand Powered Torch. With this great torch, the explorer in your family will always be safe as it never goes out – when the energy in it is over, you just pump it with your hand and power it again! Exploring at night, telling scary stories around the camp fire, finding their way to the fridge at night with the help of the 3 led lights – and all this while developing your hand muscles!

Probably one of the most useful Christmas gifts for teenagers is a nice new Lunch Sack/Box. You can choose one of our exclusive models for teenagers: Fridge to Go (Small available in Black, Pink and Aqua Pink and Medium available in Black, Red, Pink and Floral), Bobble Art Star & Stripe Lunch Box and Built NY Buddies Panda Lunch Sack. Each of them is absolutely safe to carry food in and looks just the way a teenager’s lunch sack should look like. It is convenient, not too big and not too small and quite durable – we all know it needs to be, don’t we?

We are really proud to say that MooWoo can offer everything you need this Christmas. And since one of the hardest things to get is a gift for a teenager, make sure you check out all of the items above as well as the other items on our website. Now is the right time to choose and order a gift if you want it to arrive on time!