Travel Over The School Holiday Break

Tiger_Tribe_Magna_Carry_Pirate_Adventures-front-357x357School holidays have started, and for many it is the season for long-awaited travel after a long, tough year. A few days or weeks to decompress, relax with family and friends, and have fun making new memories for 2015.

Those setting off with youngsters might have a slightly different outlook right now, as packing for kids is a puzzle that can undo a happy holiday if it is not done right. Lots of kids are good little travellers, with a spirit of adventure that inspires their parents, making a trip even more worthy. Still, many mums and dads, before locking the house behind them, hold a small secret source of panic – “What if the kids get bored?”

Fear not, adults of the travelling bunch! Tiger Tribe, carried by MooWoo, makes good quality play sets that are easy to pack and play onboard all the trains, planes and automobiles your trip entails. Rumour has it that the Magna Carry Play Books work wonderfully on boats also, with Pirate Adventure and Mermaid Cove as themes to the colourful magnets that will delight kids for hours.

Fancy a bit of summer schooling? Or have a preschooler excited to expand their literacy? Check out Tiger Tribe’s Magnificent World of ABC. The robust case encloses 80 alphabet magnets (upper and lower case) and a set of word magnets. Kids will love playing, arranging and matching and as they improve their spelling and learn to read along the way, everybody wins!

The school holiday season is a great time to travel, and MooWoo wishes everyone a safe and happy trip.