We’re Back! Lanco Sensory Toys Are Back in Stock!

bofrog300dpi-500x500-357x357MooWoo is very happy to announce that several popular Lanco Sensory Toys are now in stock! Lanco’s line of adorable natural teethers: Paddy Crocodile, Kelsie Seahorse and Bo Frog teethers have returned. As an added bonus, their Tommi Teddy teether remains in stock, and is on sale now!

All of Lanco’s natural teethers are handmade from 100% organic and natural rubber. The rubber is a by-product developed from the sap of the highly sustainable Hevea tree, and it’s shaped to fit comfortably in your child’s small but growing hands. 

Lanco uses non-toxic, food grade dyes to produce the vibrant, attractive colours that are sported by each teether. In addition to their cosy shape and bright colors, each teether is also painted with an endearing face that is sure to win your baby’s heart!

These teethers are not only eye-catching and beautiful to look at; they are also soothing to your child’s gums. These qualities make the teethers ideal for teething and as an object of comfort. Each teether is also made to give an adorable little squeak as your child enjoys holding, chewing, shaking and otherwise playing with their new teether. The teethers are also excellent for sessions of sensory play as they can help to develop each of your growing baby’s five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell!

It doesn’t require a lot of care to maintain the shape and color of these teethers, just gently wash with a little warm, soapy water, rinse, and allow to dry in between play sessions. The teethers are made to be highly durable, so they will withstand repeated nibbling, tossing, rolling and other handling by your young child.

In addition to being completely safe for little ones, as well as the environment, these cute and munchable teethers are also very affordable! The teethers currently range in price from $14 to $22.95, and are in stock now, waiting for some wise parent or caregiver to take them home and introduce them to their new best friend!