Wooden Toys – Old Fashioned Style With New Fashioned Fun

Russian_Doll_Dancer-357x357In some ways our kids’ childhoods are unrecognisable to us. They grow up so fast, some have little free time, and they are more technology-savvy than people many times their age. But don’t think any of that means they can’t appreciate classic styles of play, because kids are, and always will be, kids.

Given a chance, kids of today love to play with ‘lo-fi’, ‘vintage-esque’ toys. Back in our parents’ day, even before the omnipresent television, there were toys that withstood hours, indeed years, of play. The range of new wooden toys MooWoo has right now are tributes to old classics. They are a new generation of heirloom-quality toys.

The pull-along drumming monkey is the perfect percussive accompaniment to active little footsteps. Toddlers and other energetic kids will love pulling this guy along behind them, and hearing the rhythmic drumming he performs as his wheels turn.

For even more of a gross motor workout, a classic game of skittles will have the whole family rolling in the aisles. The funny, freckly-faced football players that are the pins are colourful, have a cute range of painted expressions, and everyone will love bowling them over with the small soccer ball.

Looking for a quieter game? Tic Tac Toe is the way to go. MooWoo carries different theme sets featuring monkeys, giraffes and elephants, and ladybugs. These neat sets come in a drawstring calico bag and are a great way for kids to learn reasoning and turn-taking, while enjoying the fun of friendly competition.

Not least in this collection of beautifully painted wooden toys is the Russian Doll Set. Fascinatingly simple, these toys appeal to girls of all ages, who love to stack and unstack the nesting dolls. The largest stands at 12cm, with the other four fitting neatly inside. When not being played with, the dolls make a gorgeous ornament set on the dressing table, and could remain a favourite even into teenage years.

Have a look around at these old favourites with a new edge, and you’ll see there is nothing old-fashioned about timeless fun.