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Every newborn baby should have their head supported when out-&-about. The Babychic Infant Head Support is made from 100% cotton. Even the filling surrounding the head sections is filled with 100% cotton filling. This combination is highly breathable, helping to keep baby cool whist in the pram. This breathability helps to reduce the risk of eczema flare-ups and skin irritations. Most alternative Infant Head Pillows are made from mainly polyester and synthetic materials, which trap the heat. This can then make baby hot, sweaty and irritable.


Exclusive design, simple and easy to install and remove.

• Provides extra support to your newborns head & neck.

• Fully reversible, made from 100% cotton jersey on the front side, thick designer twill cotton on the other.

• Filled with 100% cotton filling, including around the head area.

• Can be used from newborn – toddler years for added head support when sleeping in the pram or car seat.


Benefits of using Babychic Infant Head Supports with Newborn Insert

• Fully breathable, helping to regulate baby’s temperature

• Provides extra support to baby’s delicate head and neck.

• Perfect for baby’s with sensitive skin or allergies.

• Protects the pram from spills and baby mess.

• Adds a splash of colour and turns and pram from ordinary to extraordinary.

• Added comfort for baby against the hard rough surface of the synthetic pram seat.

• Machine washable.



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