Babychic Pram Toy Straps Midnight Deer 1
Babychic Pram Toy Straps Midnight Deer 2Babychic Pram Toy Straps Midnight Deer

Babychic Pram Toy Straps – Midnight Deer

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Product Description

Babychic Pram Toy Straps are your new best friend for travelling with baby. How many times have you had to run back to pick up toys or lost multiple dummies along the way? How many times have you even realised that your little one has dropped or thrown their favourite toy?

Babychic has come up with the perfect idea. The Babychic Pram Toy Straps simply secure all your child’s favourite items to the pram. With 2 adjustable ends and an elastic centre the Babychic Toy Straps keep everything tidy and together. They are also perfect to use in the car, high chair or any where else where you are risk of loosing baby’s loved one.


  • Set of two straps included
  • Two adjustable ends and elastic centre the Babychic Pram Toy Straps can hold onto most baby items
  • The elastic centre means everyting can be kept neat and secure without lots of excess fabric to get tangled


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