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Pop-in nursing pads are designed to make breastfeeding enjoyable and stress-free for Mum.

Reusable, washable and made from absorbent and indulgently soft material, this is a breast pad you’ll love to use.

Styled with a slim design and a unique “seal to skin” binding, this reusable and washable breast pad is made up of three layers; next to the breast, a fast-wicking polyester that takes away the wetness from the skin, inside, the absorbent core is soya bean fabric, well known for its natural absorbency, softness and thermo-regulating properties and lastly there is a full layer of waterproof laminate.

The slim design ensures the reusable nursing pad fits the natural contours of the breast while the unique seal to skin binding keeps the pad in place even, when it’s full!

Leaky breasts are probably the least favourite part of breastfeeding for Mums. The Pop-in reusable nursing pads solve this problem by being absorbent and waterproof.

The design ensures there are no visible lines, so you can wear your normal clothes without any style worries.

Available as a pack of 3 pairs of washable pads means you’ll never run out of a pair ever.

Peace of mind in a nursing pad.


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