Little Mashies Reusable Food Pouches 140ml – 10 Pack


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Little Mashies are Australia’s highest quality reusable food pouches. They allow parents and carers to:

Little Mashies allow parents to restrict sugars, preservatives, additives and other not so good ingredients. Necessary for most parents who value healthy food and
absolutely critical for those with allergies or food intolerances.

Children squeal in delight when Little Mashies come out. Kids of all ages absolutely love the monsters and emotionally connect with them. For a parent
this makes life just so much easier!

While the kids are distracted with the cute Mashies Monsters mum can sneak in whatever vegetables she likes. Kids don’t even question it when it comes in a
Little Mashies pouch!

1. As a container to put healthy yoghurt into (supermarket yoghurt squeeze packs contain loads of sugar)
2. To store & dispense their home made baby food (way easier than using bulky containers)
3. To send frozen smoothies to daycare and school (doubles up as an ice pack)


Curved Shape:
It’s easy. There are no corners for food to get stuck which means Little Mashies are hygienic. The patent pending shape makes cleaning super fast and perfect
every time.

Anti-Leak ziplock:
Little Mashies not only have a double ziplock but have also developed an additional anti-leak sealing mechanism that is second to none!

Cute Graphics:
The Little Mashies monsters make kids excited to eat out of the food pouches. Whatever the parents put inside, even spinach!

Quality Design:
Little Mashies have the highest quality components on the market. There is no risk with bits and pieces falling off. Pouches last up to 100 uses.

Eco friendly:
Recyclable and recycled products at every stage including brochures and packaging.

Little Mashies are BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free and PVC Free. Products have been tested to Australian and International standards.

Each pack contains:
10 (3 purple, 3 orange, 4 green) 140ml pouches and instructions.



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Orange, Green, Purple


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