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2 player game
Game instructions included

Compact and chic, a classic board game designed in a slim tin case. Printed on both sides with magnetic pieces.

The Game:
The Youngest player begins. Play is in turns in clockwise direction. The first player recites the Alphabet, starting with the letter ‘A’, out loud and then continues by heart until the next player says ‘Stop>’ The first player then announces the letter he or she stopped at. The category on the wheel spinner is then spun until it randomly stops at a certain category. At this point, all players must quickly try to think of a word that meets two conditions – (1) a word that belongs to the category and (2) a word that begins with the announced letter. THe first player to think of such a word announces it. Only the first player to find a word that meets the two conditions receives a coloured magnet and places it in the designated column on the scoring table. The game continues until one player wins by being the first to collect 10 magnets.

Fun and affordable travel games, for all ages.

Age: 6-99


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