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Do you want to become a ‘toddler whisperer’ at bedtime, putting an end to the challenge of settling and sleeping? Or are your children a bit older and you are seeking a deeper, more rewarding bond? Are you searching for a way to give your child(ren) a strong sense of well-being, confidence and inner harmony?

That’s why Danielle created Sleepy Magic.
This beautiful hardcover book is a gift to banish those sleepless nights, strengthen your relationship, while nurturing stillness and self-worth in your children. Sleepy Magic will give you tools to help your kids become calm, connected and conscious children.

What is Sleepy Magic all about?
Perfect for children aged between 3 and 10. Sleepy Magic is a simple step by step night-time sleep ritual that combines:

– meditation,
– affirmations,
– imagination, and
– an essential breathing technique.

It calms your child, creating a loving and safe place for connection. It teaches them that the richness of life radiates from the inside out.

With practice, this gift guarantees that you as a parent or caregiver can give and receive magic.

What’s inside Sleepy Magic
1. What’s special about Sleepy Magic?
This book can transform you and your child’s life.

2. A bit of background
My story of how Sleepy Magic healed my own life.

3. Creating the life you love
It’s not all about the kids!

4. What you need to know before you start
Helpful hints before you are on your way.

5. 5 steps to Sleepy Magic
Familiarise yourself with the easy to follow steps to bliss.

6. Words of encouragement
The beauty of Sleepy Magic is that you can’t get it wrong.

7. Sleepy Magic stories
3 magical meditations for you to share with your children.

Why did I create Sleepy Magic?
I know what it’s like being an extremely busy parent, a tired parent and as a result, a disconnected parent.

In 2012 the pressure and guilt of juggling being a good mum, wife and business owner became too much. I left my hectic advertising business of 12 years because something shifted in me. I knew I wanted more, much more from my life.

I realised I was the only one who could do something about it.

My mid life awakening has lead to a journey from which a more loving, joyful, calm and forgiving state of mind has arisen. Through my own transformation Sleepy Magic was born and my relationship with my sons began to deepen. It has become an integral part of my family life and I have joyfully witnessed the profound positive impact it has had on my children’s self-worth.

Two years on and my boys still ask for this sleep ritual every night!

What are the effects of Sleepy Magic?
I am not sure what it’s like at your household at bed time but for some reason my boys go absolutely nuts when it’s time to get ready for bed! This used to drive me crazy! However, since I have been doing Sleepy Magic I know they will be calm and asleep within minutes of the meditation.

Using the simple Sleepy Magic ritual you first bring your children into a calm and loving state. Then you can teach them inner harmony and gratitude and the invaluable lesson of what you focus on grows. It’s an inside job! I know I am creating something profound with my boys which will shape the way they feel about themselves and the world around them for the rest of their lives.

Plus, I have claimed back my night and so can you!


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